Security at Switchboard


This Security Policy outlines the technical and organizational measures that Switchboard Technologies, Inc. (“Switchboard”) uses to secure its systems. The Switchboard team prides itself on being good stewards of our customers’ data in every aspect of their roles.

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Risk Management

The Switchboard team regularly conducts risk assessments to determine security risks and then will prioritize these risks accordingly. Top risks are selected, then risk treatment plans are prepared and executed.

Data in Transit

All data sent to Switchboard is encrypted in transit. Switchboard’s application endpoints are TLS/SSL only and score an "A" rating on SSL Labs' tests - meaning that we only use strong cipher suites in our production systems.

Data Storage

Switchboard only stores data associated with integrations for as long as necessary to support successful and efficient data transfer. For example, data is occasionally cached for several minutes to mitigate redundant API calls required to facilitate information transfer.

Personal Account Information

Any personal details, such as your name and email address, that you provide when creating a Switchboard account will be stored for as long as your account is active. At any time you can request your account be deleted and this data will be deleted from our systems.

API Keys & Authentication Data

To facilitate data transfers between 3rd party services, Switchboard will require you to provide authentication credentials to these 3rd party services in the form of usernames, passwords and access tokens (including from the result of OAuth authentication flows). This sensitive authentication data is encrypted at rest in our databases, using strong 256 bit encryption, and will be removed if you elect to terminate your relationship with us. All sensitive authentication data is obfuscated when passed through logging and monitoring systems.


All of Switchboard’s production systems and databases are running on Amazon Web Services, hosted in the United States of America. For full information on the extensive measures Amazon takes to keep their services secure, visit the AWS security page.